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Update! All Fixed!

December 10, 2009


Hey guys, if you want to keep listening to us but can’t get to the Falcon Radio site, click on and click the Falcon Radio Listen Live Button.  Thanks to Doc for great problem solving!


Programming Note

December 10, 2009

Hey Tim here again.  If you’re having problems logging on we apologize, we have so many of you tuning in today that our bandwidth has exceeded its limit.  So please bear with us while we try and, as Dave would say, “cram all ya’ll into my brain!”

Good Morning!

December 10, 2009

Tim here on Mic 3, we just got the marathon started and we’re already having a blast!  Doc’s picking out some good tunes and Matt’s keeping us entertained at this early hour.  I’ll be going outside later to show you all just how snowy it is in BG.  Until then, enjoy the music!

If you’re having trouble listening in or if it cuts out within a few seconds just let it work itself out and everything will be a-ok!


When All The Little Ants Are Marching

December 9, 2009

…They go marching to and the guy who created this DMB wonderland will be joining us over the phone in the 12-1PM hour tomorrow! Listen in as Jake discusses everything DMB and Ants. Call in at 419-372-WFAL or IM the studio at WFALRADIO. See you tomorrow!

People, People

December 9, 2009

Wondering where people are tuning in from? Check out the live tracker below to see what countries, cities, and towns people are listening to the DMB Marathon II from!

Less Than A Week!

December 5, 2009

Hey all you marathoners!  We’re less than a week away till the start of the second DMB Marathon and we’re really excited here in Bowling Green.  We’re going to be talking to Jake from during the program and some other “special guests” that we can’t reveal just yet.  You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Don’t forget to tell your friends about the show and direct them to this page.  On Thursday we’re going to have a map up on the page to show you where people are listening from all over the world!  Last year we had such a great response to the segments of the show where we gave shout outs to people across the world, and now we want you to see all of the DMB fans that are listening along with you.  Stay tuned for more info…”till we dance away.”

-The DMBMII Staff

Our New Logo

November 18, 2009

You’re seeing it here first folks!  The official logo of DMBMII is now available for download; save it and share it with all your friends and spread the word of the marathon!

Update:  We’re getting some great tapes from you all and we just wanted to thank you for your contributions.  If you have any special tapes you want played on air, e-mail them to Tim at:

We’re less than a month away, stay tuned for some exciting announcements!